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A Little About Our Virtual Office


Our Goal

We aim for you to be able to focus on what you love instead of distracting matters, which sometimes can take so long, and such precious time.

Administration and office management have been our areas of expertise for over 10 years, and our goal is to do our best so that you get all the office services required for your business, and so the business will succeed in the most efficient way.

You can concentrate on your work, while we handle all the secretarial services for the office remotely, with all the necessary management.

Because when it comes to office work, we are focused on making life easier for you.


The Secretary Story

Once upon a time, many years ago (A little over 10 years, to be exact), there was a simple secretary with a big dream.

A desire to turn secretarial work into something personal, efficient and accessible to anyone.


Achievable not only for large business owners, who have an office with a desk, computer, phone, internet, and infrastructure ready to hire an employee, but something more approachable for small and independent businesses owners, who may not need yet a full-time secretary, but still need services.

In order to offer office services in an organized and efficient way, one has to come prepared.

For you who doesn't want to hire a full office staff, instead, are looking for freelance, outsourced office services, we are here for you.

Because personal and professional administration don’t happen just like that.

To be the perfect virtual assistants for you, we work hard. very hard.

We gain experience, deepen our knowledge, deal with all sorts of problems and find quick and effective solutions.

That's why we set up Control Plus, to take care in of all your office needs in the most professional manner, in a freelance manner, making sure everything required for your business is carried out with the best possible outcome.

Whether its remote secretarial services, financial management services, office management, or any other help in the field you may need,
We are here for you.

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