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So How Does It Work?

You have a special business.

It's your baby, its everything's for you, you've worked on this for years, I know.

To uncover everything I need to know about your business, in order to build an effective plan, I want to get to know it in depth.

I want to learn exactly what makes your business tick, so that its purpose is truly achieved.

Let's do this together according to the following steps:

1. Let's chat

Let's sit down for coffee (or hot chocolate 😉) via Zoom for an introductory meeting.

I want to get to know you, hear & understand what makes your business special and unique.

We will examine together how can we level up this amazing business you have set up, where can we upgrade it together.

2. Building a strategy 

We will examine together what is the most effective way of making your business successful.

We will see what secretarial and office management services are needed for optimal efficiency.

3. A plan for action 

That's all I need from you! Now - my turn.

I sit and build an action plan with the right strategy for you, following our meeting, with customized ways of operation, and I send you a price quote for working together and perfecting your business.

4. Trial period 

The price sounds good? Let's move forward!

You sign the trial period contract & choose an hourly framework of your choice - 5, 10, or 15 working hours. During which, we get access to information, connect, learn the various systems & programs, and we get to work.

4. Let's get to work!

Ok, we got it, we understood the work, the amount of hours needed & the job requirements. What's next?

You: Avital, I'm in, I want to continue together, let's do this!

Me: Great! We have 2 options:

- An hourly framework - you pay only for the work you need.

- The cheaper option; A fixed monthly price.

In busier times, you don't need to worry about the price going up!

You: choose what suits you best.

Me: I send a new ongoing price offer, adapted and adjusted according to your administrative needs, for further work together.

We upgrade your business together.


Sounds good? What are we waiting for?

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