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העוזרת הוירטואלית האישית שלך מרחוק, המטפלת בכל צרכי המזכירות והאדמיניסטרציה של העסק במיקור חוץ

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About Ctrl +

Based in Israel and working also abroad, Ctrl + specializes in personal administrative assistance for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Run By Avital Black, with over 9+ years of experience in the office work environment.

From Tel Aviv, To England, Jerusalem to the United states, we branch out and work with many companies all over the world.

Our goal is to establish a base for all your office and admin needs, in English and in Hebrew, In Israel and abroad, so you can focus on your business, while your secretary from far take care of all your office logistics and administrative needs.
Freelance office virtual assistance at your service, g
iving you the support your clients deserve.

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Start with giving it all you got, and then try harder.

Hey, Avital Black here, nice to meet you 😊

27 Years old, B.A. with honors from the Open University, and crazy about organization and order since I can remember...

I fell in love with Management and Administration nearly 10 Years ago, from my Sherut Leumi period, where I started as a medical secretary and slowly got promoted to more advanced roles, such as office management, project management and book-keeping.

To this day, administration, organization, and productivity are my ambition.
I take your business personally, because your success matters.

Clients tell me 'Not only did I get assistance for my business, I got an active partner in building my business'.
Because when you work with Ctrl+, our outsourcing virtual assistance VA services take care of all your administrative office needs, in Israel and abroad.

Because really, Taking virtual assistance, outsourcing secretarial work, gives you time to focus on your business needs and work more efficiently, not having to worry about logistics that take up time, too much time.
Running your office from far, In Israel and abroad, we give you the best service and support you deserve, efficient and professional in the best way.

So what are you waiting for?

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מזכירות מרחוק

Kobi Torenhaim,
mortgage consulting and funding

Avital Black, you just need to try once, and then you cant work without her.

You understand how much time she saves you!

She makes your work ethic better just by her wanting to improve your business and what needs to be done in it.

Avital arranged a huge amazing client event for me, that exceeded all expectations, on a short two week notice!

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ניהול משרד חיצוני

Secretarial Virtual Services

Client Management, Phone calls, Emails, Organisation and order, Files Scheduling meetings and more 

גרפיקה וניהול עסקי

Virtual Office Services

Your personal VA virtual assistant in Israel who helps beyond basic office work, she does Graphics, Translations, bookkeeping, and more

מזכירות ואדמיניסטרציה לעסקים

Project Managment

Event organisation, book launchs, logistical consultations and any other project you might need virtual assintance in Hebrew or in English, let us know!

Let's Talk


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