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You have a special business.

It's your baby, it’s everything to you, you’ve invested everything into it, I know.

In order to optimize its efficiency, I'd like to become deeply familiar with it, learn what makes it tick, so we can optimize and improve its processes and that the goals can be achieved. 


Getting to know your business

We'll sit down for an introductory zoom meeting over coffee (or hot chocolate 😉).
I want to get to know you, hear about your field and understand the uniqueness that makes your business special. We will brainstorm together how to improve this amazing system you have established, and discuss where it can be optimized administratively.

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ
שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ


Together we'll devise the most correct, efficient and personalized course of action to promote the success of the business. We will determine the secretarial and remote management services required for optimal efficiency and discuss related logistics.



 The Action Plan

Your part is over, this is where I take over. 

I'll sit down and build a plan of action with a personalized strategy and list the remote office services required to execute it, including the best suited personal assistant for your business per our meeting, with a personal course of action adjusted to your needs, and email you a tailor-made price offer.

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ
שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

 The Trial Period

Sounds good? Let's get going!

We'll sign for a trial period, in which you choose a time frame of 10, 15, or 20 working hours, in which we will gain access, connect and get to know the different systems. You'll get to know your personal assistant and get to work! 
All that's left is for you to be amazed by how smoothly remote office management works!



Customizing the Office Services

Ok, we understood the work needs, the amount of work required, the job requirements and the time required. What's next?

You: Avital, sounds good, I'm in, let's work together!

Me: Amazing! Just choose one of the following options:

- continue with the hourly schedule – pay-per-hour!

- Or, there is a cheaper option: a fixed monthly rate, during busy seasons you don't need to worry about the price going up!

You choose the schedule most suitable to you.

And finally: We optimize your business together.


Like what you've heard so far?

What are we waiting for?

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