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שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ
We have it all under Ctrl

We'll give you the headspace and inner calm to do only the work you love and let go of the tedious but necessary background office work that takes so much of your valuable time.

Work-from-home personal assisting and outsourced virtual office work have been our specialty for nearly 15 years.

Our goals are simple: 

Ensuring you receive all the virtual office services your business needs to run efficiently and successfully​.

We provide outsourced administrative services, so you can receive the efficiency, order, and a big dose of the calm you deserve. 

Because when it comes down to personal administration, remote office management and virtual assistance, we are here for you.

You can focus on your business while your personal assistant takes care of all your virtual secretarial needs and managing your administrative needs. 

Because when it comes down to personal assistance, secretarial and outsourced remote office management, our focus is making your life easier. 


A little about us

Once upon a time, many years ago (almost 15!), there was a young, American, personal assistant with big dreams.

Her greatest desire: to transform secretarial services into something personal, efficient, available, approachable. We are not aimed at big businesses with big offices and ready to use infrastructure, but a more focused and personalized approach for small businesses that don't yet need that full-time employee or prefer to avoid the additional costs that come along with this. 

All of that doesn't come easy! 

To offer remote office services in an organized and efficient manner, you must come prepared. To provide office services from home, as a freelancer outsourcing office services, you need to be super focused. 

Personal assistant services from home, in a personal and professional way needs a pro, to be a remote personal assistant for business owners you need to put in the work, break a sweat! Gain experience, deepen your knowledge, be confronted with problems and find effective and creative solutions.

This is where we come in! 

We provide all your office needs, both in Hebrew and in English, as freelancers. All tasks required for the business are carried out in the best possible manner. Whether it's remote secretarial services, managing a home office, customer service or anything else you need, Control Plus is here to provide the full office managing experience. 

With outsourced administration and secretarial services, we free up your time for meaningful work, save you time and money, and provide the peace of mind you deserve in your business dealings. 

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