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Virtual Administrative Assistance

We have it all under Ctrl



Avital Black, Virtual Office Manager, nice to E-meet you!

American, ultra-Orthodox, B.A. graduate with honors from the Open University. Native Hebrew and English speaker, and, for as long as I can remember a nerd of efficiency and organization…


As a long-time personal assistant for small businesses, I can safely say it was love at first sight.


I fell in love with management, administration, and remote secretarial services almost 15 years ago, during my national Serut Leumi service where I started as a medical secretary. From there, I slowly worked my way up to more senior positions, including personal assistance services from home, secretarial services, office management, administrative projects and managing billing and collection systems and services. 


Since then, sharing my mastery of remote office services, business administration, organization, streamlining, personal assisting and remote secretarial services with businesses has become my ambition. 


I founded Control Plus, and together with my amazing team that I trained (whom, shall I be honest? are beginning to surpass me...) and I, take your business personally. As personal assistants and remote office managers, your success is important to us.

Clients say to me and my team – "I didn't just hire business help; I scored an active partner in ensuring my business's success in every aspect related to remote office management and secretarial services". Because when you work with Control Plus, we take care of absolutely all your administrative and remote office service needs.

After all, by hiring a personal assistant for the business, you are free to concentrate on the actual business and not waste your valuable time on the logistics.

In managing office services from home, we give you the service and support you deserve in the most personal, efficient, and professional way possible.​


So why wait?

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ
תכירו את אביטל

Our Plus:

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

Pay only for the work provided

Why pay for a full-time employee when you can pay-per-hour?

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

We save you money

No paychecks, pensions, social security, transportation costs, sick days etc.

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

There's no match for professional service

With over 10 years of experience in our field you'll know your business is under Control.

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

Our amazing international services

We provide service in English, Hebrew and even a touch of Yiddish.

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

We fit ourselves to your needs

We learn and adjust ourselves to your specific systems, programs, procedures, and general processes.

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

Interaction is important to us

We believe personal attention, communication and interactions are the key to success.

Let's Talk

Thank you.

Sit back and relax,

 We have it all under Ctrl. 

Here at Control Plus we understand the importance of efficiency and organization in a business, and that's exactly why we're here; to help run the office, so you can mark off your checklist in no time.


We have been in the field of from home secretarial services and personalized remote assistance and office services for nearly 15 years.

When it comes to secretarial work from home, office administration by the hour, and remote office services, we are focused on making your life easier. Wherever remote office management, senior secretarial services and office administration services from home are concerned, you can remain calm.


Whether you need a personal assistant from home for lawyers or consultants, you're conducting courses, running clinics or simply need personal help with shopping for your home - we are the address, providing office services from home and always here for you!


You can concentrate on the business, while your personal administrative assistant takes care of all remote office management services and all that entails.

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ
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