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עוזרת אישית מהבית

The Elevator Pitch

Summarize what I do in 4 words? Easy…

Besides for coffee, everything! 

And in a little more detail: whether it's billing, emails, sorting out the document mess, sending an agreement to a client, reviewing a contract from the attorney, my team and I provide home office services, remote personal assistant services and outsourced administration management, the full package. 


- Need to charge via credit card? I'll set up the system.

- Want a fully categorized income and expense report? On me.

- Personal customer service for your customers? But of course!

- Phone answering services, emails, and inquiries about the business? You don't even need to ask; I am at your service.


It was after Corona took over that I discovered how much a personal assistant and administration from home, remote office services and outsourced secretarial services are needed for small businesses, and how possible and accessible it is to provide them remotely!

I am happy to report that to-date the business is nearly 5 years old, and I provide extensive end-to-end services for multiple businesses in varying fields.


After all, small businesses don't need a full-time secretary. Why be burdened with the associated expenses, such as pensions, maternity leave, social security and a significant monthly salary, when there is a great alternative?!


Hire us only for the hours you actually need, it's that simple!


Everyone knows that every successful business is backed by a fantastic team behind the scenes - let that be Control Plus.

That's why I'm here.

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