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מחיר שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

So how much does Virtual Administration in Israel cost?

Our Prices

Ill save you the time on doing a whole market survey 😉
Virtual Administration prices in Israel, are usually measured by the hour.

The prices of outsourced office management can range from 100 Nis per hour, for a secretary that's just starting out, and can go up to 180 Nis per hour, for specific niches in the field (such as automation management, sales, ecommerce, etc.),
to operate and bring your business forward.

What do we actually save by working with outsourced office & administration services?

No employee-employer relationship
What is allowed, what is not allowed, advance warning, rules, limitations...
It can really limit small and medium business owners, who are just looking to run their business!
Isn't it better without these limitations and obligations?



Pay only for work actually performed
Another plus, is that you don't pay for the availability of a full-time position,

whether work was done at that time or not, as sometimes happens with a hired employed secretary.
Here, you will only pay for the work actually performed!

There is no payment for sick days, maternity leave, vacation days, etc.
You only pay for the net work and activity done.


A flexible fit adapted to business owners
At Control Plus, we understand business owners, and the need for flexibility.

When it comes to office work, there may be months with high activity, and then slower months.
Don't worry, we thought of that too!

You can update before the beginning of the month which program you are interested in.
Do you want to fly abroad for a summer vacation? It's all good, we adapt ourselves to your preference.
Is an increase in activity expected for the holidays? Here at your service.

It's fun to have everything under control, eh?


One payment, without all the hassle
Without tax payments, pension, education fund, social security, payments of payslips, tax deductions, and all the hassle and regulation with the authorities.
Payment upon receipt and receipt of the outsourced service,
The simplest and most convenient way, because why not?

In full Ctrl
Ctrl Freak
Remote Ctrl

Reliability and transparency are important to us,
and it starts already here, in the introduction stage.

Prices of virtual administration services:

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

Remote Ctrl

Hourly Work Frame

10 hour package
150 Nis per hour

1,500 Nis a month

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

Under Ctrl

1 Hour A Day

25 Hours A Month est.
120 Nis per hour est.

3,000 Nis a month

שירותי משרד במיקור חוץ

Ctrl Freak

2 Hours A Day

50 Hours A Month est.
110 Nis per hour est.

5,500 Nis a month

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